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Keeping Cool


One so easily falls back into the old routine.  By the time I’d spent my first morning break nagging about litter and uniform – it was as if I’d never been away.

It has been a week where we have had a number of successes.  It’s a shame that, in the same week I have to receive e-mails from some members of the public who, in no uncertain terms, condemn the behaviour of our children and questioned the worth of our school.  I always find things like this a shame on two counts i) that a very small number of our students, through their out of school reckless and wholly inappropriate behaviour, continue to do untold damage to the reputation of our school, and ii) that members of the public make sweeping generalisations about a whole school after witnessing anti-social behaviour of a small minority of its students.

Last Week

The following events from last week are all worthy of congratulations:-

  • A Year 8 cricket team comprising of Robbie Oliver (AT), Harry Clark (AW), Sami Bounaouara (AY), Jack Seeney (AW), Matt Rudolph (AW), Sam Fagg (AY), Noah Banner (AW) and Ollie King (AS) battled their way into the London Indoor Cricket Final which will be played at Lord’s Cricket Ground this afternoon – congratulations and good luck.
  • Bill Milner (9AS) was interviewed on BBC’s ‘The One Show’ on Wednesday evening as his latest film in which he appears with Sir Michael Caine is about to be released. Bill, as ever, was a credit to himself and the school.
  • Through the excellent stewardship of Mr Yarker, we have just had confirmation of our continuing ‘Visual Arts Specialist’ status from the Governorment. The visual arts specialism has enhanced the quality of our teaching and learning in many ways over the past three years – and will now continue to do so as we move into the new school.
  • Thanks to Mrs de Brett, Ms Teasdale and a few students from Tudor House who organised and ran a cake sale to raise funds for the Year 11 Leavers’ prom.
  • Well done to all the Year 11 Drama students who, by way of final rehearsals for their final GCSE practical exam, performed in front of other students, staff and parents on Thursday evening. Nine groups ‘showcased’ part of their final piece and some entertaining and mature performances were witnessed. We wish them luck next week.
  • The Year 11 Asdan group had an exciting visit to the new school building site. After a briefing from the Project Manager they donned safety helmets, high visibility jackets, steel toe-capped boots and gloves and went onto the site. They watched concrete, delivered by the crane, being poured to create one of the pillars of the new building. The visit ended with a presentation by the Senior Construction Manager and his Assistant. All thoroughly enjoyed their visit and were grateful to the Mace+ management team giving up their valuable time to make the visit possible.

    ASDAN site visit

    ASDAN site visit

  • Ben Mieskowski of 10AT has become a “Highly Commended” finalist in the Kew Garden ‘Young Photographer of the Year’ competition. You can view his two photographs by clicking on the photo.

    Ben Mieszkowski: Keeping Cool on a Summer's Day

  • Congratulations to Mr Morris (Premises Manager) and Ms Roxburgh (Science) both of whom successfully completed the London Marathon for their respective charities of Leukaemia Research and Watoto.

This Week – for those involved

Monday – Wednesday GCSE PE practical exam.
Wednesday – Friday GCSE Drama practical exam.

Theme for the Week – Brain Gym Week.

What Made (Other People) Smile This Week

In the introduction to my blog last week, I told of how I was writing it on a train going north.  At that time, I felt that a fifty pound return ticket (with a return in first class thrown in) was just about, value for money.  However, inadvertently getting on the 3.35pm Doncaster to Kings’ Cross as opposed to the 4.00pm Doncaster to King’s Cross resulted in my receiving a stern ultimatum from a less than empathetic ‘Guard’ – £150 for a first class ticket or £92 for ‘coach’ class.  Not surprisingly and very grudgingly, I took the £92 option.  It’s back to the M1 for me! 

Have a good week.

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